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PMC is a primary care facility providing high-quality healthcare for adults since 1985. Patients range in age from 18 to 100 plus and come to PMC for a broad range of medical conditions. PMC consists of physicians board-certified in Internal medicine and family practice, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants. PMC sees patients from a variety of social and economic backgrounds. All types of insurance are accepted by PMC physicians including Medicaid, and Medicare. PMC prides itself on providing quality care to all of its patients, regardless of insurance status. Although the attending physicians at PMC specialize in primary care/internal medicine, several physicians have additional expertise in Preventive Health, Women's Health, Hypertension, Geriatrics, Pharmacology, Osteoporosis and Diabetes. All staff and physicians place a strong emphasis on educating patients about wellness and disease prevention.
The PMC Mission
Our mission is to offer each patient the highest level of thorough, personalized care. To help us achieve this goal, we use a state-of-the-art electronic medical record system that allows for ease in communication with families, specialists, and pharmacies. We also stress continuity of care by providing a medical home where your health can be focused on and optimized.
Internal Medicine & Medical Center in Peachtree City, Georgia
Peachtree Medical Center in Peachtree City, Georgia, provides evidence-based medical care in a friendly atmosphere. We provide effective family medicine and it’s always our goal to help our patients to feel healthier. Our patients benefit from the continuity of care provided by our facility and our doctors work closely with the physicians at Piedmont Fayette Community Center.


Peachtree City Medical Center uses a state-of-the-art electronic medical record system that offers the following benefits:
  • Allows for easy-to-access patient charts; it allows the doctor to access patients' full medical charts whether in or out of the office. The result is better around-the-clock patient care.
  • Provides electronic transmission of prescriptions to most of the area pharmacies, improving accurate communication with pharmacists and reducing errors.
  • Clear, legible notes that allow for easy communication with families, specialists and other authorized staff.
  • Electronic Medical Records are environmentally friendly by greatly reducing paper usage in the office.
We are accepting new patients

Call (770) 487-7807 to schedule an appointment